Research Project: ZL’EU

The NRB is a key project within the spatial strategy for ‘Zuid-Limburg in Euregional Context’ (ZL’EU). The project was developed by RWTH Aachen University, the Chair and Institute of Urban Design, the UNESCO Chair for Cultural Heritage and Urbanism, Reicher Haase Assoziierte (DE) and Maurer United Architects (NL). The spatial strategy defines four aims to be developed by the cross-border region: a resilient landscape, healthy cities, a connected region, and a strong regional brand.  Link: ZL-EU

Educational Research Project: ‘Transforming Urban Structure Heerlen-Noord’

The northern part of Heerlen, a municipality with 80.000 inhabitants in total, struggles with social and economic issues. Thirty international RWTH students from the master program ‘Transforming City Regions’ developed future plans for this area. The planning took place in close
cooperation with the municipality and local experts, like program manager of Heerlen-Noord, Ron Meyer.

Educational Research Project: Superlocal Southern Dutch Limburg

The Dutch Government sees a future for Southern Limburg around the focus themes: International region, Circular economy and society, natural landscape, and strong and healthy settlements. Within the international master program ‘Transforming City Regions’, students are working on regional planning with the focus on circular economy and cross border mobility.